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Party Details


Registration & Payment:

Step1 - Go to our Event page. Fill out all required info on the Registration Form and send it.

Step2 - Go to our Event page. Make payment via Paypal or major Credit Cards

Step3 - You will receive a confirmation e-mail (detailed guidance & Release Form)

Please print out the Release Form, Date and Sign and send it back to us by e-mail or bring it to the party.

Please submit your ID & recent picture by email for security reason.

* Your personal information is confidential due to privacy. Please be advised the fee is non-refundable once the payment is completed


ステップ1- 弊社ウエブサイトイベントページより登録フォームに必要事項をご記載の上ご送信下さい。

ステップ2- 弊社ウエブサイトイベントページよりPaypalまたは各種クレジットカードにてお支払い頂きます。

ステップ3- 弊社よりEメールにてイベント詳細、リリースフォームフォームを送らせて頂きますのでリリースフォームをプリントアウトして頂きご記入の上Eメールにてお送り頂くかパーティー当日にご持参頂きますようお願い致します。



4:30 - Party starts / Greeting & Introduction from ALA パーティー開始&スタッフの紹介・挨拶

4:40 - Introduction of participants (by staff) スタッフよりパーティー参加者の紹介

5:00 - Dinner & Free time お食事&自由時間

5:30 - Games ゲーム各種

5:45 - Talk Time ( you will have opportunities to talk everyone for 2min each ) トークタイム(全員の方と2分ずつお話し頂きます。)

6:15 - Correcting preference card ( Write down the number of your preference) 気に入った方の番号を書いて頂きます。

6:20 - Closing & promotion 締め&会社のプロモーションについて

6:30 - Party ends パーティー終了

***SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE*** スケジュールは当日の進行やご参加人数により変更する場合がございます

To Meet Again:

If you find “Someone” whom you want to meet again, please inform us & we will make an arrangement for the next dating for both “Members & Non-members”. Please be advised that there is a “Matching Completion Fee: $50” (*Optional)

in case of “If there is a match & both agree to date”. (Normal rate for member's Introduction Fee is $100 per person)

* At your own risk, the exchange of each other’s contact info for socializing purposes is possible, however, please be advised that we are not responsible for any personal issues or problems, which may occur.






Requirements & Conditions: (Further details will be provided upon registration.)

* For the participant’s privacy purpose, it is prohibited to take personal photos or videos during the party. Please keep your cell phones on silent mode during the event. * We may take some photos of the party to publish on websites or weblogs, with highest respect of your privacy. (Identifiable faces or features will not be shown)




Special Promotion:

ALA Hawaii is offering 50% Discount Annual Membership to the members who register our Kumamoto Earthquake Charity International Social Event within one month after the event.

If you are considering to become a member, this is the perfect time for you. Please don't miss it !

Registration Fee $450

Annual Fee $600 → $300

SP Ohana Package $1450→ $950


ALA ハワイは、2016年熊本地震ハワイ国際婚活ソーシャルイベントにご登録頂いた皆様へ感謝の気持ちを込めてイベント終了後1ヶ月以内に会員登録された場合以内に年会費半額キャンペーンを行っております。



年会費600ドル →300ドル

スペシャルオハナパッケージ1450ドル → 950ドル

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