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"I'm seeking an International marriage but I don't have opportunities

to meet people .."

"Im worried about the language barrier.."

"There are lots of opportunities to meet people,

but it's hard to find my marriage partner.."

Are you feeling the same?

Don't worry. We can support you when finding a suitable person for your partner.

Please keep in mind that all ALA Hawaii members seek an International marriage.

They are identified and qualified.

So please feel confident when becoming a member.







ALA Hawaiiの会員様は皆様真剣に国際結婚を望んでおられ、


"Aloha" means Love, and "Lani" means Heaven in Hawaiian language.

So "Aloha Lani" means "Heavenly Love".

Our cupids will sincerely serve and support our members

who are seriously seeking International marriage partners in Hawaii.


”Aloha Lani"は天国のような愛を意味します。



Why us?

Aloha Lani Agenci Hawaii (ALA Hawaii) is focusing on providing customized hospitality service and customer satisfaction for a reasonable price☆  

And please keep in mind that all members are identified and qualified, and our membership is more affordable than other options.

Please feel confident when becoming a member.

Member's privacy is significantly important for us. So we respect and keep member's information and pictures confidential.

We also provides a variety of Ohana (family in Hawaiian) service.

For members in Japan, we provide ZOOM and LINE free consulting and

arrangement with members in Hawaii.

more info

アロハラニエージェンシハワイ (ALA ハワイ) は真心の行き届いたサービスをご提供出来るよう少規模でコンサルティングを通じてお一人お一人に合うカスタマイズしたサービスを心掛けております。



ALA Hawaiiでは会員様を”Ohana (オハナ: ハワイ語で家族)” のように接したい思いで、オハナサービスをご提供しています。

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