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for Visiting Aloha Lani Agenci Hawaii

Aloha Lani Agenci Hawaii" (ALA Hawaii) is Hawaii's most fun and exciting International matchmaking agency links Hawaii and Japan☆

We are not only matching and supporting our members who live in Japan and Hawaii, but are also arranging a Empowerment Life Coaching Sessions, a variety of International matchmaking parties and events throughout the year. more Info.

Membership Registration

In addition to acting as a bridge connecting Hawaii and Japan, ALA also supports global causes to bring smiles to children all over the world. ALA Hawaii donates a portion of its profits to Save The Children, Polaris Project, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Women For Women etc.


International Social Meetup

☆ Christmas Charity ☆

International Meetup

December 6th (Friday) 2024 / 6:00PM ~ 8:30 PM

Place: TBA upon registration


Target: Singles

Cost: ALA Member- $50 (Prepaid Required)

Non-member - $85 (Prepaid Required)

Door Price $100

Drinks, food, games, prizes and much more!

* Refer your friends and get $10 CASH BACK at each referral!


"Successful relationship is up to your mindset!!"

"True Love Knows No Boundaries"


So many couples have been successfully matched at our previous social☆

You might meet a special someone! Seats are limited! Don't miss it!!

* 50% of our profit will be donated directly to Make-A-Wish Foundation Army, Shelter Hawaii, and Hawaii Cat Foundation.

 〜 Up Coming Events in 2024 & 2025 〜 

☆ Private Zoom Session☆

Empowerment Coaching for Successful Relationship

"Men are from Mars! Women are from Venus! "

We are different so we have to know and respect each other's difference!

That's the key for the successful relationship!

"I'm hesitant about new relationship because of the trauma of my past relationship."

"I don't have the confidence to find my partner"

"I just gave up because I don't have a chance to meet someone"

"I'm not worth being loved, so the relationship doesn't last"

If you have ever felt like this, this session is for YOU!

You will learn the universe laws which every each one of us deserve 

unlimited potential happiness!

Your world view will be changed, become a person who you want to be 

and attract the relationship you dream of!

Seats are limited, so please register as soon as possible!


Every Friday & Saturday between 10am - 5pm 

Cost: ALA Member-  $150 90min 3 session

Non-member -  $250 90min 3 session

*Please e-mail at: to register.

☆ 2024 Summer Charity Meetup☆
International Social Event

August 10th (Saturday) 2024 / 4:00PM ~ 6:30 PM 

Cost: ALA Member- $50

Non-member - $85

Expand your cultural horizons by communicating in English and Japanese.

You might meet a special someone!

Target: Singles

Place: TBA

Non-member: Event Registration&Payment


Member: Event Registration&Payment

♥ Special Promotion ♥

ALA Hawaii is offering 50% Discount Annual Membership to the participants of Charity International Social Event who register for our membership by end of the month of the event.

If you are considering to become a member, this is the perfect time for you. Please don't miss it !

Click For Registration

Registration Fee $1250

Annual Fee $1200 → $600

SP Ohana Package $2650→ $2050

Click for Application


Special Offer

☆Special Ohana Registration Package☆

ALA Hawaii offers Special Ohana Package for registration.

We highly recommend this package as profile picture is significantly important!

This package includes:

Professional Profile Photography

Professional Hair Styling & Make Up

Fashion Suggestions

Registration Fee & 1st Year Annual Fee

Special Ohana Registration Package

CEO / Owner: Sayuri VR

Sayuri has been studying psychology, relationships and spiritual life coaching for decades. 

She obtained Spiritual Healer license in 1998 and certified Life Coaching in 2012.

She was married a Dutch American and have two beautiful talented boy and girl!

 This has been her dream she had been her dream ever since she was a little girl and she made her dreams come true!

She believes we can make our dreams come true if you believe in yourself and your potential from our natural abilities from universe and most successful people utilize this methods and mindsets.

She believes that this is just one example of success stories and believes that:

"Successful relationship is up to your Mindset!! And everyone has this natural potential"

"True love has no boundary.. Marriage between different nationalities helps strengthen bonds between cultures that bring the world closer together".

Her passion to support and help people is not only focusing on helping people's lives, their successful relationships, International connection between Japan and world but also supporting global causes to bring smiles to children and empower women globally.

ALA Hawaii donates a portion of its profits to Save The Children, Polaris Project, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Women for Women etc.

Sayuri created a project "GO ALOHA" to support global causes and she was selected as Mrs. Japan International 2016 as well as Mrs. Hawaii Universe 2016 for the National Pageant which is represented by marriage women who aspire to social contribution.

Featured on TV Show "Hawaii Love Stories" (2004)

Facebook - Aloha LaniAgenci Official Site

Twitter - Aloha Lani Agenci Official Site

Youtube - Featured on TV Show

"Hawaii Love Stories" (2004)

Instagram - Aloha Lani Agenci Official Site

☆Special Discount For Professional Profile Photography☆

ALA Hawaii offers special discount for profile & wedding photography

by 20 year experienced photographer, Liquid Light Images:

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